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An example: she made a mess by using dish soap in the dishwasher in her 10th month here (because she’d never lifted a finger to help with family things like dishes).I came home from work and she complained about the mess she’d had to clean up.And this way, you present it to her as a fabulous chance to see two great new cities, and you’re free of her in the house.

She refuses to ever discuss why she is upset, so whatever I’m doing wrong just keeps happening.

Fortunately my hostfamily felt the same way and we decided not to do an overlap, both for the kids sake and mine.

Maybe you could tell her it would be too confusing for your daughter to have both aupairs there at the same time, and try seeing if she can stay with her LCC for those five days/offer to exchange her flight ticket so she’ll leave the day before your new aupair comes :) I ask – how much money are you willing to throw at this problem?

Since she was already weepy about saying good bye to my daughter, I said that she could stay. AP#1’s bad habits have caused me so much stress this year and I have to keep reminding myself that AP#1’s devotion to my daughter makes it all worthwhile.

(They are very close and I am very grateful that my daughter’s first year was spent surrounded only by people who care deeply for her.) The reason AP#1’s bad habits have not changed is because she cannot cope with any statement suggesting change, no matter how many compliments we give her.

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AP#1 has no friends here that she could stay with or even hang out with during her 5-day overlap with AP#2.

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  1. It's like these things where you grew up and you're so embarrassed of, and you're like, “Oh, mom. Let's just eat what's on the plane.” And now, we're adults and we're like, “Hell, yeah, we're gonna bring some Vietnamese food on the airplane.