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                        And the Voice said: "Take up your lives again!                         Let the Famine, the Fever, the Peril, the Pain,                         Be all forgot!

                        Quit yourselves manfully!                         "Weep no more for the lovely, the brave,                         The young head pillowed on a blood-stained sod;                         The daisy that grows on the s oldier's grave                         Looks up to God!

Writers of Reminiscences are interested—perhaps more interested than their readers—in recalling their earliest sensations, and through them determining at what age they had "found themselves"; i.e.

                        And he, like a King, came up from the Sea!

                        He opened my rose—unfettered my song—                          And quickened a heart to be true to me                         All the day long.

                        They whispered that Hope, the angel of light,                         Would spread her white wings and speed her away;                         But she folded me close in my longest night                         And darkest day.

                        As of old, when the fire and tempest had passed,                         And an earthquake had riven the rocks, the Word                         In a still small voice rose over the blast—                         The Voice of the Lord.

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                        "The soul of the patriot-soldier stands                          With a mighty host in eternal calm,                         And He who pressed the sword to his hands                         Has given the Palm.

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