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The FSA said that the recall was based on fears that the bars may contain pieces of plastic which could represent a safety risk.

It said that anyone who has bought a bar of the affected chocolate should not eat it and return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.

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The remaining 27 member states are set to formally decide at their European Council meeting that the talks can't move on to trade and the UK’s future relationship with The EU.

December will become the new deadline for completing phase one of the talks which involve Irish issues, citizens’ rights and the so-called divorce bill the UK will have to pay to settle its EU commitments.

A solar farm is a wonderful use for a property like this." They added: "The panels don't draw additional sunlight." The council voted three to one against rezoning the land and later voted for a moratorium on future solar farms.

Among the reasons they gave were that a growing solar industry would harm the economy and reduce the value of homes in the area.

A spokesperson for Strata told the meeting: "There are no negative impacts.

Mr Hayes said: " if we don't get a deal between now and December it would be an absolutely disastrous position for Europe, for Britain but especially for Ireland." He believes action in two areas would lead to progress. So that's why I think flexibility has to be shown by all of the participants to the talks, EU and the UK.

According to Mr Hayes Britain needs "to up their offer" in terms of the payments it has to make to the EU and Europe "needs to move on the question of Ireland and the border." Mr Hayes said: "It is unrealistic to suggest that we can have a frictionless border while at the same time not having a discussion on the future relationship between Britain and the EU." He said such discussions don't have to get into specifics but should encompass "general principals as to what way that new relationship will go." The EU, including the Irish government has been strict on their insistence that talks won't move on to the next phase until they're satisfied with the outcome of the initial round of negotiations. "I think that kind of two-step approach is the way to proceed." Taoiseach Leo Varadar last night told the Dáil that he will use today's European Council meeting to stress to other leaders the importance of the issues at stake for Ireland.

EU leaders will also discuss the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, the ambition of developing a Digital Single Market, and issues relating to Turkey, North Korea and Iran. Lawrence White Britain's forthcoming exit from the EU was the main reason for a 37pc decline in new jobs available in London's financial sector last month, according to a report from recruiting firm Morgan Mc Kinley.

Waitrose is recalling four varieties of own-brand chocolate over fears that the bars could contain small pieces of plastic.

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