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According to the conservative website , the tactic traces back at least to the well-known Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.“It has been a core part of progressive and academic organizing at least since the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011,” the website states.The method has been met with resistance by students as well.It drew complaints in one college course because students felt it “silenced straight white male students on the basis of their identities,” according to an article published by the course’s instructors.D candidate Genevieve Painter explained how the Occupy Wall Street movement taught her “how to occupy my own classroom” and explains how she and her colleagues “brought techniques from the movement” into a course.One of those techniques included the “progressive stack” method, which Painter mentions was used by a professor she assisted in a legal theory course to moderate discussion., University of New Mexico psychology professor Geoffrey Miller denounced the “progressive stack” method and said it will further alienate universities from their stakeholders.“It’s obvious that universities feel deeply embarrassed when whistle-blowers publicize that progressive stacking is being used in their classrooms; they know that parents, alumni, legislators, and taxpayers can see how discriminatory it is, and will withdraw financial support if it continues,” Miller said.

Could a Virginia Republican with a traditional background — the Mount Laurel, N.“Our two states have provided the United States of America with the very first definitive, statewide rebuttal to the Trump administration,” Sen. Arriving one year after Trump’s surprise election victory, the campaigns that concluded Tuesday amounted to a live test of methods, messages, and mood as both parties grope for ways forward.Could a more moderate Democrat, Virginia’s Ralph Northam, connect with liberal voters?Painter did not respond to a request seeking comment.In a 2013 article published in the journal “Radical Teacher,” a cohort of instructors who taught an “Occupy Wall Street-inspired” course admit to using the progressive stack in the class.

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