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Your Comment: Really fun site, especially for a Chicago-native in exile.

I don't meet many people who have ever experienced the joy of watching someone win the Grand Prize Game.

) are underappreciated as comedians...their ad-libs were hysterical and worked on an adult level sometimes.

I swear I remember an episode where the set behind them fell backwards..all just turned around to look at it, broke up laughing, and they cut to a commercial.

I interviewed him again about a year later Chicago Magazine. Lee Bey Your Comment: On Feb 22, 1999 at [EST], Ken Beider ([email protected]) asked: "I spent the afternoon buzzing about until I landed here. Any chance of picking up vidios of a whole show, such as Garfield Goose. I am hoping to get out to Chicago later this month and visit the museum. As a child in the 60's I grew up mesmerized by the early WGN experience.

I remember that the ship was shaped like a fat torpedo and its front was covered with windows.

May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright." Your Comment: i grew up in chicago and loved bozo the clown. Ray Rayner spent some time after being in the Crimestopper Cruiser [Dick Tracy Show] in outer space didn't he? I am not sure if that is even possibe but I would love to find out if someone can help me.

my little brother was on the show in 63 or 64 and he won the grand prize. Your Comment: Ray Rayner, Garfield Goose, Hogans Heros, The Flintstones, Batman, Gilligans Island, are the programs of my youth. Thank you and I will be looking forward to the sight when Romper Room's sonstruction is done.

These are shows that are fondly remembered by so many who grew up in the Chicago area, and your page does a super job of rekindling those childhood feelings in us post-40 year olds. I was a huge fan of BJ and Dirty Dragon during my childhood.

Now that I'm an adult (33 years old) with kids of my own, I really do appreciate (and miss) the inventiveness of the shows and their ability to entertain with humor and wit instead of kicks, punches and product tie-ins.

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