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It is unusual to find a whole outfit in such nice condition.For a Sasha baby, Felix wears a great many clothes.The fabric on the skirt front has a small spot where the plush on the cord is missing (looks like a small dirt spot on the photo), but it is not a hole and the ground fabric is not damaged. She has the large head type, dark skin coloring and style 3 yellow eyes with lashes.She has rib vest, Gotz socks and leather ankle-strap shoes with orange soles, one shoe is missing the heel and has a nicely mended strap. She has a torso with mold line, early arms with wide shoulders, and her feet have short toes.

Transactions totaling more than 0.00 must be paid by personal check, money order, cashier check, bank-to-bank transfer, or Pay Pal gift option.Her clothes are original, clean, not faded or stained, and complete except sandals, which are handmade leather replacements.She wears green poplin dress with one-piece skirt and underarm pleats, one snap replaced on the back. No wrist tag or box She has dark skin, slate eyes, small head, and has her all-original ski outfit. Her strings are also original and arms have not been restrung, torso and limbs in excellent condition.The doll is lightly played with and has some lip rub and a very light scratch on her chin (see photo, removable with fine-grit sandpaper), but no damage at all to her hair or other body parts.Her hair is perfect, no frizzing or trimming, it was probably styled in two braids originally.

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